ROSE Developers - Web API Reference


The ROSE Web API is a RESTful Web API that allows you to access the data of a customer subscription.

This API provides access to the customer's data within the scope of the authorization given by the user. The authorization is managed by the OAuth 2.0 framework.

The Web API endpoints provide access to the application resources and all of them follow the same structure and provide a similar set of operations.

The URL structure of each endpoint is the following:{account}/{subscription}/{module}/{resource}

  • {account} and {subscription} identify the customer subscription.
  • {module} and {resource} identify the business resource that you are trying to access (resources are organized by the application business model they belong to).

For each resource, a set of operations is available. The standard set is the following:

  • CREATE - allows creating a new record.
  • UPDATE - Allows updating one attribute of an existing record.
  • DELETE - Allows deleting (or canceling) an existing record.
  • GET - Allows getting an existing record.
  • LIST - Allows getting all the existing records.
  • LIST (Paged) - Allows getting all the existing records, one page at a time.

This documentation describes all the resources, and endpoints available in the Web API, including examples on how to use them. The menu on the left lists the modules that compose the application and all the services and resources available for each module.

Additional information about the product, the Web API, and all the integration technologies is available in the ROSE Developers Web site.